Our Children's Wellies  are without a doubt one of our most popular products and are available in plenty of great colours and patterns to co-ordinate with our outerwear styles

Made from natural rubber they are soft, supple, flexible and comfier for little feet than plastic wellingtons.

The sole is gently ridged and grippy, again in a lighter weight rubber to make them not as heavy as other brands, perfect for little feet.

With anti-sweat lining, they're comfortable enough for all-day wear splashing in those puddles. Wear with wellie socks or fleece liners for cosy winter use.


Be careful when removing your children’s wellies

Using the corner of a step or boot toe can cause stress to the boot heel which can lead to splitting.

Wipe clean after use with water and a mild detergent and leave to dry in a naturally warm, well ventilated place.

Once dry you can use protective spray, available widely online.


Store your boots in a dry place, away from direct sunlight. Do not leave them near a radiator or a cold shed or porch.

Extreme temperatures can dry and crack the rubber especially if a protective spray isn’t regularly used.

If you are not going to use the boots for a long time it’s a good idea to stuff with newspaper, to help keep them dry and retain their shape.

JoJo Care tip

Blooming (a white finish appearing on the surface of the wellies) can occur when hot or humid weather causes the natural rubber to release a protective wax.

This can be wiped clean using a diluted washing up liquid or specialist spray available online.

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