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Why are parents choosing reusable nappies?

Reusable nappies are free from nasties – they use super absorbent fabrics rather than chemical gels which are usually found in disposables. This can help reduce nappy rash and is more gentle against sensitive skin.

Even by using one reusable nappy a day in place of a single-use nappy, you can save a significant amount of money. You could save around £700 by making the full switch – and even more if you use them with your second child too!

There’s no question reusable nappies are the better option for our planet. By using these instead of disposable nappies, you can reduce your household plastic waste and your carbon footprint by around 40%!

Why choose Bambino Mio?

The reviews and awards speak for themselves. The Bambino Mio miosolo all-in-one reusable nappy won Gold at the Mother & Baby Awards 2020 for ‘Best Reusable Nappy’.

The all-in-one design makes the miosolo so easy to use – there’s no tying or wrapping involved. Plus, it comes in one size that grows with your baby.

From bees to butterflies and bright-eyed monkeys, the Bambino Mio collection is full of fun and colourful prints that make nappy changes more stylish.

The all-in-one design means this reusable nappy is just as easy to put on as a disposable. Simply lay it out flat, pop in a nappy liner or booster if you’re using one, fasten it up and you’re ready to go. One size fits your child as they grow – simply use the poppers to adjust the length and the easy hook and loop fastenings to ensure the best fit around the waist

Just like any nappy, reusable nappies should be checked and changed every 2-4 hours, or when your baby has had a poo. Flush away any poo down the toilet and, if using a disposable liner, throw it away in the bin. You can then store your used nappy in a separate laundry bag for up to 3 days. The nappies can be washed inside the laundry bag at up to 60°C with non-biological washing detergent.

TOP TIP: Remember to fold back the hook and loop fastenings to protect them in the wash!

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What impact does using reusable nappies have on the environment compared to disposable nappies?

The reason many parents are switching to reusable nappies – the reduction of the use of single-use products can’t be denied. The average child will go through 4,000 – 6,000 nappies in its lifetime, resulting in 3 billion nappies being thrown away in the UK each year, making up 2-3% of all household waste. The benefits of reusable nappies are obvious in this regard but what about carbon emissions associated with production and all that extra washing?

The Environment Agency produced a report comparing the environmental impacts of both types of nappies and concluded that reusable nappies are up to 40% better for the environment than disposables. To clarify, the study only assessed disposables up to the point of purchase (therefore excluding the effects of transporting the refuse and sending to landfill or incineration) but did include the manufacturing and washing impacts of the reusable nappies.

Do reusable nappies cost more than disposable nappies?

Although an initial investment is required if you choose the reusable nappy route, you can expect to make a substantial long term saving over the time your child is in nappies. With disposable nappies costing around 8.7p per change and reusables costing around 0.03p per change, you can save up to £750 when you factor in additional expenses such as the extra accessories required and washing costs. Savings will increase even further if you use your existing reusable nappies on any siblings.

How many reusable nappies will I need?

Based on washing every other day, we recommend 8 nappies for part-time use and 16 nappies for full-time use. This can vary depending on your planned routine and your baby’s age – from 6 months, the number of changes will likely reduce.

How long do they last?

If well looked after, they will last through to your 2nd 3rd or even 4th child so you might only ever have to buy them once!

What do I do about poo?

There’s no avoiding poo but dealing with it couldn’t be easier. Before putting the nappy on, fit it with a liner. When it’s changing time, simply remove the liner, pop the poo in the toilet and throw the liner in the bin.

Are they as absorbent as disposables?

As many parents know, the occasional leaking nappy is unavoidable. However, reusable nappy users tend to experience less leaking thanks to the addition of extra ‘boosters’ when needed, for example during the night. If you are experiencing leaking, this handy checklist may provide the right solution:

What do I do with used nappies?

Unlike in days gone by, modern reusable nappies don’t need to be soaked before washing. Simply remove the liner and pop the nappy in a nappy bucket. If you’re out and about, it’s a good idea to take a wet bag with you to keep used nappies separate from the rest of your changing bag.

How do I wash the nappies?

On a 60-degree wash (or lower if you like) with any non-bio powder. Bambino Mio recommend adding 2 heaped tablespoons of laundry cleanser to your washing detergent drawer too. This will add a boost to your laundry and help tackle tough stains and odours.

Please note that bright colours may fade over time. Washing regularly at higher temperatures can result in premature deterioration of your nappies.

Can they be tumble dried?

Bambino Mio nappies can be tumble dried on a low/cool setting but drying outside in the sunshine isn’t just better for the environment, it also does wonders for stains! If you're using the Miosolo All-In-One nappy, pull out the absorbent core from inside the nappy and hang separately, as this will help them dry quicker!

Can they be used from birth?

Bambino Mio reusable nappies are suitable for use from newborn, but this is dependent on the size and shape of your baby. The miosolo one-size nappies are a little larger in size so that they can fit all the way up to potty training*.
*True for most babies but due to a wide range of shapes and sizes this cannot be guaranteed.

Can they be used at nursery?

With reusable nappies becoming more popular, most nurseries are happy to use them especially if you pre-line them to save time, but do check with them beforehand.

Should I choose 1-part or 2-part nappies?

1-part nappies are really simple to use and the most like disposable nappies, making them ideal for newbies, childminders or grandparents. For night times or a particularly heavy wetter, go for a 1-part style which provides an extra layer of protection. Whichever style you choose, you’ll need to pop either a disposable or reusable liner inside for added protection – you might find you don’t need to change the nappy each time, just the liner.

I’m nervous about switching from disposables – any advice?

You don’t have to take an all-or-nothing approach when it comes to doing your bit for the environment – making small changes can mean more success in the long run. Start by just using reusable nappies whilst you’re at home until you feel confident enough to use them when out and about. If you’re pregnant or have just given birth and find the idea of reusable nappies too daunting, it might be worth holding off for a few weeks while you adjust to life with a new baby and nappy changes are a little less frequent!