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While working hard to offer you great quality products that are made to last, we’re also committed to using more sustainable materials in every aspect of our collect.

Sustainable Products

As well as our exceptional quality, we are proud to be part of different schemes and offer products that go the extra mile to do better for our planet, for example: We’ve always loved a classic design, which is why you’ll find an extensive collection of wooden and more sustainable toy choices to replace plastic alternatives. We have also sold swim nappies, the first in the UK, since 1996 but with a surge in demand since 2019 they are now a highlight in our range.

Meeting Their Milestones

JoJo aims to produce products that are of high quality, durable, and designed to last for generations, thereby reducing our carbon footprint. From fitting siblings into the same hand-me-down sleepsuit, to birthday party outfits and meaningful toys that make lifelong memories, we want to be part of your family’s milestones.

Recycled Fabrics

Our Polarfleece range has been made from recycled fabrics for over 20 years, and many of our swimwear and raincoat styles are now also made from recycled materials. Our sustainable products reduce waste, cut CO2 emissions, and support the fight against global warming as well as reduce waste.

Better Cotton

A significant part of JoJo’s production is cotton, which is used in all our baby layette designs, 90% of our kids’ collection, as well as some maternity lines. As a result, we have become a proud member of Better Cotton and are committed to improving cotton farming practices globally.


Better Cotton Explained

FSC®-Certified Wood

JoJo is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) and is licenced to use the FSC® trademark on relevant wooden and paper products. Many of our own-brand products are made from wood and paper that’s been ethically sourced and we’re working hard to continue to make more of our products from FSC®-certified materials.


FSC® Explained

Sustainable Viscose

Each season we continue to expand our collection of maternity styles made from sustainable viscose, which is made from responsibly sourced wood and pulp that generates lower emissions during the manufacturing process.


Viscose Explained