6 Craft Ideas to do with the Kids this Summer

There is nothing better than being outside during the summer, from the beach to the back garden! During the warmer months, families have more free time together, so it's the perfect time to make summer crafts and fun themed activities whatever the weather.

Children are painting potted plants made of pottery close up

Plant Pot Painting

Adding paint to plant pots is a great way to liven up the garden and are also a thoughtful gift! Let the kids decorate terracotta pots with acrylic paint, and they can even plant their own flowers once the paint has dried. This is a great way to encourage green fingers!

Child shadow drawing animals.

Shadow Drawing

The perfect day for shadow drawing is a sunny one! Bring along paper and pencils and let the kids choose some of their favourite animal or dinosaur models - taller animals work best! Place the animals on the edge of the paper and sketch around the shadows! The kids can then colour it in and add backgrounds.

Rainbow Suncatcher

Rainbow suncatchers are fun no matter what the weather is like. Simply grab some cardboard from the recycling bin and cut out a rainbow shape and several arches for the colours (children will need assistance with scissors). You can attach small pieces of tissue paper to the card with glue and hang it in a window to watch as the sunlight illuminates the colours.

pebbles with a painted daisy in the hands of a child on the beach

Paint A Rock

Find rocks and pebbles in your garden, on the beach, or along walks, and see what creations you can come up with. The kids can clean and decorate the rocks with bright colours or a message. After they are dry, leave them in the garden or in public places like parks or trails for others to find - it will brighten up their day!

Little boy and his painted hands

Fingerprint Trees

Create some beautiful green trees using finger painting. First, paint a blue-sky background on some large A3 pieces of paper, then add trunks and branches using paint or old newspaper. Now comes the fun part! Once the background is dry, use three or four different shades of green to create little finger print shaped leaves for the tree.