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Over the last 30 years we have worked hard to leave a small footprint for our business, this work continues as we develop new ways to support the environment.

Our Environment Commitments

As part of our ongoing sustainability strategy, we pledge that by 2035…

The JoJo Forever Forest

As part of our mission to help protect our precious planet, we have planted thousands of trees with the JoJo Forever Forest initiative. Propagated from locally collected deciduous hardwood seeds and designated to repair a previously deforested area, over 6,000 trees have been planted in South Wales in partnership with Stump Up for Trees.

Conserving The Rainforest With ClimateCare

We have previously partnered with fellow BCorp ClimateCare to balance some of our carbon emissions by investing in a conservation project in the Gola rainforest in Sierra Leone. Gola is a unique rainforest that is world-renowned for its wildlife and flora.

Keeping 140,000 hectares of rainforest safe requires financial support from companies like ours.

Renewable Energy

Our goal is to stay ahead of the curve and make as many positive changes to reduce impact on our environment as possible. This is why we use only 0% carbon, renewable energy in all of our UK stores. Sourced from sustainable resources - another way we balance our carbon footprint.


We continuously review with our suppliers ways to improve the packaging that your JoJo purchases arrive in and the labels on our collections. We are committed to using more sustainable materials, reducing the use of harmful substrates and minimizing waste as much as possible.

Animal Welfare

Most of our range is produced using natural or man-made components not of animal origin, but this is not the case on every line. JoJo Maman Bébé is committed to the responsible sourcing of animal-derived materials, such as wool and leather footwear.

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