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We’re working to make a real difference by inspiring and generating positive change through local causes that matter to our customers.

Helping Hands

Our charity initiative, Helping Hands, shines a spotlight on the causes that matter most to our customers and provides these organisations with grants so they can continue supporting communities near our stores.


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From A Mother to Another

Founded in 2015, FAMTA is our internal recycling initiative. Thanks to customer donations, we have saved over 70 tonnes of clothing from landfill and given it to local clothing banks.


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Local Volunteering & Work Placements

Every year, JoJo employees receive a paid day to volunteer for a cause that matters to them as part of our commitment to the community. Whether it’s food banks in Battersea or placements in stores across the country, we encourage our employees to give back to charities that matter to them.

Our Store Experience

In an era dominated by online sales, it may seem surprising that we invest so much in our physical stores.


There is so much to learn during pregnancy, which is why JoJo stores are so much more than just a shopping trip - we have parent-friendly spaces where you can breastfeed, change nappies, refill your water bottle, or simply pop in for a chat with our friendly staff, whether you need advice or just need a safe place to take a break. It is our goal to be there for you whenever you need us.



Diversity Matters

Created By You

We make sure the models we use in our campaigns are every day, regular children and not “supermodel” babies. We continue to use the children of our customers, friends, and teams who are as beautiful to us as they are to their parents.


Support In the Workplace

Throughout the year, JoJo employees benefit from our in-house People Team, who offer support during work and life changes and who provide a safe space for a catch-up and a coffee that we all need sometimes. Additionally, JoJo employees have access to better financial support through our partnership with Wagestream, so that they can feel more in control of their finances and improve their overall wellbeing. Likewise, we have worked closely with Workfit, a Down’s Syndrome Association employment program that connects employers and job seekers, for several years.


Gender Equality

Fairness and equal opportunity are integral parts of who we are and our B-Corporation values; we pay equally. In addition to providing flexible working options for all, JoJo offers maternity, paternity, and shared parental leave to promote family time.


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Supplier Relationships

Who makes our beautiful clothes and toys?

We are a team that spans the globe with our design ideas starting in London and our products being made in factories around the world. Many of our suppliers have been with us for over 20 years, while others have grown from tiny start-ups to large companies. Our core values guide us in selecting suppliers; we assist those who are compatible in investing in their infrastructure and staff training, knowing we will continue to place orders with them.


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International Efforts

As well as supporting charities in the UK we also encourage our factories abroad to get involved in local initiatives whenever possible supporting their own communities.


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