We offer complimentary in store and virtual Maternity VIP appointments so you can access expert advice at a time and place that suits you. Start-Rite Shoe Fitting and Bra Fitting appointments are also available in store.

Start-Rite Shoe Fitting

In Store Only

We are here to provide a shoe fitting to help your little one feel comfortable and confident. We recommend you book an appointment, but walk-ins are welcome too. Start-Rite is available in 52 stores, Click here to see the list of stores.

Maternity VIP Shopping

You deserve some VIP treatment! Book our Maternity Personal Shopping now with our friendly team, specially trained in all things pregnancy and new baby. Book an In Store or Virtual Appointment now

Bra Fitting

In Store Only

Get your all-important Bra Fitting Appointment in store now! Ensure comfort, fit, and support at every stage of pregnancy and whilst nursing with expert measuring and advice from our team.

Our store teams can’t wait to meet you!

“We will be back to visit again very soon!”

“We went for a shoe fitting for my toddler it was the best shopping experience we have ever had, they were so kind gentle with my little one. We brought Start-Rite shoes and they are absolutely beautiful. We will be back to visit again very soon!”
- Coral

“I had a fantastic experience”

“I had a fantastic experience when I booked a Maternity VIP appointment. I found all the items I wanted to try on and was recommended some other useful ones for nursing which I am very glad I bought. Thank you!”
- MJ